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$1 can help save a life!


AT Boettcher Farms Rescue Goat Rescue includes all States across the United States.  Our goal is to save unwanted Goats and bring them to homes where they are loved, cared for, happy and healthy.   In case of Fire or Natural Disasters,flooding, owners passing away,  Barn Fire, and abandonment.  or a family who has come into financial difficulties, we are here to help relocate both to temporary and permanent homes for these goats.  If you would like to be considered for a Rescue Farm please send your name, address and phone number to as we are putting together a list and will have a link on this page with your name and contact information. There are goats out there who are starving, have health issues and/or have been neglected.  Our number one priority is to stop the abuse and neglect of Goats everywhere by removing them from the situation.  (We will be adding NEW and exciting links everyday) and if you would like to post your site with us, please sent your information to the email above. 

Thank you, AT Boettcher Farm's Rescue

Please Donate $5, $10 or $25 for a free T-Shirt or whatever amount you choose. 

It is appreciated and unfortunately it is very expensive for services for relocation.

Thank you for supporting AT Boettcher Farms Goat Rescue "Love our Goats"

Just $1.00 can help pay for Emergencys to save a Goats life

Something every farm needs "Goat Health" Records

Anyone interested in 100 copies(Without Logo) - $10.00 plus 3.95 shipping

(Include your Farm Name & Logo for Personalization)

100 copies for $20.00 plus shipping $3.95

Pay below, in the Comments write Health Record and your details

"Goat Kidding Kit"

The ESSENTIALS for Goat Kidding (All in one tote)

*Everything comes in a nice "Red" tote so you can spot it in an emergency

Please allow 8 to 10 days for Processing and Shipping.

            • Rectal thermometer (digital).
            • Iodine for dipping Navels and Hooves
            • 5 Navel dip cups
            • Enema tips with 6 cc syringe
            • 2 Pritchard’s style teat nipples
            • 1 J-Lube powder 2 oz. bottle (makes 64 ounces of J-Lube liquid) -OB lube 
            • Baby aspirins
            • Triple antibiotic cream
            • Weak kid syringe and stomach tube
            • 1 cc syringes (2)
            • 3 cc syringes (2)
            • 18 gauge needle
            • 50% dextrose solution
            • CMPK and Cayenne Pepper
            • Probiotic paste
            • Fortified Vitamin B Complex - injectable
            • Oxytetracycline 200 mg/ml injectable (LA200)
            • Colostrum replacer
            • Vet wrap
            • Neomycin sulfate
            • Bounce Back/ReSorb electrolyte powder in packets
            • Book on Goat Kidding 
            • Splint and tape    
            • Includes information on Kidding Positions 
            • Goat Kidding Calendar and Calculated Due Dates                                                                                                

            $89.00 plus $12.00 Shipping and Handling




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