~Haemonchus Contortus~

(Barber-Pole Worms) 

I have raised goats for many years and have not had this much trouble from a parasite, ever!

I Lost my Dory to the Famous Evil  Haemonchus Contortus  ( Ha-mon-cuss  con-tortoise) =  is a gastrointestinal blood sucking worm that can cause severe anemia, dehydration, loss of blood, diarrhea and internal fluid accumulation.  Environmental factors contribute greatly to increased numbers of Barber Pole and when you add in the increased resistance build-up to wormers as a result of extreme over-use, it results in a lot of illness and deaths.  Barber Pole worms are long and round  not that you will ever see them expelled in the fecal matter. These worms are more deadly in the L3, L4 and L5 life stages. The adults live in the abomasum of goats where they feed on blood.  Adult worms are attached to abomasal mucosa and feed on the blood. This parasite is responsible for anemia, bottle jaw, and death of infected sheep and goats, mainly during summer months in warm, humid climates.

I will start with Preventative Measures we take to assure this parasite does not infest our herd.

1.   Sericea Lespedeza - http://simsbrothers.com/index.htm

2.   I have grazing Sheep (resistant to Barber Pole Worm Cycle) in with my goats. 

3.  FAMACHA Training with chart, cant get the chart unless you take the classes.

4.  Check inner eye lids often and do fecals often

Things you will need:

1.  Thermometer

2.  Fortified Vitamin B Complex (*With Thiamine)

3.  Thiamine 100% (Pure)

4.  Red Cell

5.  Iron Dextran (Pure)

6.  Probios (the tube of jell)

7.  LA200 Antibiotic

8.  Electrolytes

9.  Ivermectin Injectable Wormer for Cattle

10. Valbasen Wormer

11.  Needles & Syringes

12.  Drencher

13.  Razor

14.  Iodine (Surgical) 10%

15.  Fecal Collection Container (To take to the Vet)

16.  A lot of time and dedication!

**Please use gloves is dealing with herd animals off your farm and do not wear the same clothing and shoes when going out to the rest of your herd.

Gather these things and call me 573-513-1614



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