Clarabelle & Blessing

Photo taken Dec 30th 2007

~Clarabelle's & Blessing's Story~

**How a very sad Mama and very weak 3 day old kid found & saved each other**


Our Story about Clarabelle & Blessing

Clarabelle is a very special tiny doe who is 2 years old.  She lost her first doeling last year and was heart broken.  After hours of trying to save her, Liberty died.  Clarabelle staying in our home a few days to get past this.  When we put her out she would walk the fence lines and cry all day long.  This went on for weeks.  So when she was ready, we bred her again, hoping this time she could have her daughter, it was not meant to be, not the normal way.  When we went down to check all of our does, there was Clarabelle with a discharge, we brought her in thinking she was ready to kid, but later found she had lost it out in the shelter.  Clarabelle was in her kidding stall crying for her kid, but she was not yet convinced she had had it.  So we brought her in the house, and set her up for her to pass the afterbirth or another kid.  Either way, she was our bottle baby, we loved her, and she was getting sadder by the hour.  I asked my husband to please hurry and do a search on the internet to maybe see if someone had a bottle baby for sale.  I did not think it would happen, but when you are doing your best you can live with yourself and the situation better.   He found a website with kids for sale, and we did not even pay attention to the kind of kid it was, only that they had kids for sale.  My husband gave me the number and I called keep in mind this was the first number I had called... when you read Joyce's end of it, you will have just witenessed a miracle...

Story written by Blessings Breeders - Joyce & Eddie

A must read story below....

After Joyce answered the phone, and told me she had a little girl in need of a lot of attention.  She was very weak and she said she just happened to be holding her right at that moment.   I asked if I could come get her now because Clarabelle was going to pass the afterbirth soon and that was a key factor.  She said yes, and so there I was, I had made a deal to go pick up this little girl and I did not know where they lived or that she was a Boer kid haha.  But none of that mattered, my husband and I got in the car and left.  My son Adam and daughter Jaimie stayed with Clarabelle.   We were on our way. 

When we arrived, Eddie was waiting at the door and Joyce was sitting on the couch holding Blessing because she could not keep warm herself.  She needed a humans body heat to keep her temp up.  Eddie and Joyce were wonderful caring people, they did not charge us for Blessing as they were not able to promise that she would live.  I knew she would, this all fell together too perfect for it to all end in a death.

When we arrived back at home, the kids had taken the afterbirth and put it in a bag because I had told them to on the cell as we were driving home.  When we got home, I immediately took the afterbirth and rubbed it all over Blessing, and out from behind Clarabelle was her new kid.  She had been looking for it, crying and getting very upset almost panicking.  Just thnk if I had nothing to give her.

So, the drive took us total about 5 hours and it was in the middle of the night by then.  We stayed up almost the rest of the night watching them bond, and getting the heat lamps just right to keep Blessing warm.

When fate shows its face, grab it...if I would have done the search it would not have happened because I would have put in Nigerian Dwarf kids for sale.  My husband just put in kids for sale.  If I would not have told my story on the answering machine Eddie and Joyce might have just not answered and Blessing might have died because no one could hold her and keep her warm the next day. know why we named her Blessing...because she truly is.

Bringing Blessing home...Introduction to her new mama Clarabelle

Oh my...there is my kid after all but I got to smell to make sure...

I'm hungry and you're gonna feed me haha

ok, accepted, and thats that

After a strressful and confusing day, time for a nap

All is totally normal


Playing with her new mama the first week

How many goats get to live in the house with fresh blankets and warm heat lamps for three weeks?  haha  They still have a stall at night just as warm and cozy.  Spoiled!

Next days and weeks...all is great!!

Blessing can hold her own body heat and time to see the outdoors...

I'm a little tall mama but it will get worse.  Someday you will look up to me but thats will always be my mama

Making sure Blessing goes no farther then a foot from her.  Clarabelle is a great protective mama.

No one better mess with my baby!

What a happy mama and doeling does not matter to them that they are different, they love each other and if Blessing so much as makes a sound Clarabelle looks and cries to her.

Blessing is a Boer kid and Clarabelle an extra small Nigerian Dwarf so Blessing will be as big as her mama soon hahaha


And we Present to you Nannie Aden's "Blessing"

Living with Nigerian Dwarfs here at AT Boettcher's Farm in Perryville MO.  Someday Blessing will have a mate, as we plan to purchase a boy from Eddie and Joyce, but our Boer girls will be family...

Blessing had a great mama (Joyce) then another great mama (Tina) and together we have spoiled her so.  Today she runs to me to be held like no other kid has ever done, even surpasses bottle fed kids.  She knows it feels good to be loved and she dearly is!


I will miss the day when I cannot hold Blessing but I can always be with her

The End...The Beginning...


Growing up and loves to be held all the time!

Look at me mamas!!!!  You all saved me and my mama!!!

Mama...I will chase you anywhere as long as you pick me up when I catch you!!!

We play every day!

Here is Joyce with Blessing at 2 months old. 

We took her back to visit and also got Blessing

... a partner haha...see below "Wrongway"

And here is our start of raising Boer Goats

~AT Boettcher Farm's Goats~

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