Disbudding gone wrong...

At the hands of a Professional Vet

Please check all Vet's credentials, ask for references and call them before you 
allow a Vet to disbud.  This could easily happen to you. 
Mama "Baby" and "Hoppy" Born on December 25th 2006

All photos taken within a 24 hour period!!!

Look at those beautiful and innocent. These photos are 10 1/2 hours apart.

Hoppy getting ready to take her to the Vet for disbudding.


Hoppy on the bed while I am getting ready to leave for the Vet's office

The morning of disbudding, earlier...

Having fun and jumping over mama

NOW......Just hours AFTER disbudding Hoppy starting screaming of pain.  Standing in the corner looking up.  Her eyes were not quite right, swollen.  I took her in the house and called the Vet, who was closed by now.  His answering service told me that they treat only cats and dogs and that I would have to call somewhere else.  They would not page the Vet who did this even though that day, he told me if I had any trouble, to call him.  I spend hours calling vets, leaving messages and then, one called me back 10 hours after the disbudding, after hours of Hoppy screaming.  The vet met me at midnight with Hoppy, he said the damage was already done, but tried to save her.  He did all he could and sent us home.  30 minutes later she twitched and died in my son Adam's arms. 

Hoppy has died after hours of pain, even the Vet who answered the emergency call (*Not the Vet who did the Disbudding) did all he could with a shot of Dexamethasone and ice packs but it was too late,  the damage had been done. Her mama "Baby" was without her baby for no reason. I will be disbudding all of my own once I learn how but as of now, my goats will keep their horns. I thought it would be easier since we have so many babies at a time to just let a Vet do it, but I was so wrong.

Banamine SQ (Preferred) or Dexamethasone! For Brain Swelling

Always Give Banamine SQ BEFORE the Disbudding!!!

Always have a shot of these on hand after disbudding always! And ALWAYS give Anti-Tetanus Shot before!

Compare Hoppy (Calf Iron)........................................................To Tanner Rhinehart X30 Goat Disbudding Iron)

Hoppy after she had died...LOOK AT THE DAMAGE OF THE IRON...

The Vet had used a calf Iron.  The next morning, I took Hoppy and drove to this Vets office, walked in and put Hoppy on the counter right in front of everyone.  I asked to speak to the Vet who was in the back, and they said he was busy and would not get him.  I demanded to see the man who said he knew how to dis bud, who KILLED my Hoppy.  Since I was very loud and customers were listening,  the lady told me to come back.  I left Hoppy laying on the counter and told her that he killed Hoppy and that he better call me as soon as he could.  That I demanded he take responsibility.

The next few days went by, no calls, and I had sent emails, and make many calls, but no response.  Then one day (3weeks later) he wrote me a letter, apologizing and admitting that he had gotten a little frustrated during the procedure because Hoppy would not stay still in the dis budding box.  He told me he had used a calf iron for disbudding (which is way too big) and that he had sent it to his Insurance Co so that I would receive a check in a few days.

He did pay for Hoppy $3000.00, and apologize, but what about Baby, her mama, who for weeks stood in the same spot crying.  Looking for me crying and thinking I would bring her her baby.  She remembered I had Hoppy last as I always held Hoppy.  Baby would go out to pasture when I held Hoppy because she never worried when I had Hoppy. 

The last words I said to Baby was...don't worry, I will bring your baby right back.  Everything will be okay mama.

This is Hoppy, and miracles happen every day.  Hoppy born on December 25th 2006 and exactly a year later, our first registered doe has "Our Herd Name Kids" and we had already named our herd "Hoppy Aden's" after Hoppy.  And waited for that first born of two registered Goats.  The first kid was to be named Hoppy Too no matter what it looked like.  No matter what sex it was.

..........and here is Hoppy Too, yes, exactly a year later December 25th 2007, only it is a little boy...but look at the closeness in appearance!

And we have had many kids between then, none that were black like this.


Born on Dec 25 2007

Now, for those of you who know how this works, you buy your registered does and registered bucks and you breed them, when they kid, their kids take your herd name.  This is amazing how much they look alike, born on the same date and the kid that was named after Hoppy looks very much like her.

This story is all true....seems like it could not be though huh???

*Note...this was not a bad Vet, nor a bad person, just someone whom assumed Goats were like Cattle, who had no emergency line for Goats (and that is another thing you should always ask your vet - When you call their Emergency number after hours, will they treat Goats?) and who made a mistake that cost me a lot.   This Vets Emergency line told me that they would not treat Hoppy, even though the procedure was done that day by that Vet.  He has since then changed his policies.  He really doesn't want to mess up another goat because chances are....it came from my herd or a herd that originated from my herd and he surely doesn't want to hear from me on bad terms again.  He knows how I feel about Goats and he and I have a decent relationship, although he is not my Vet to this day.


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