Updated November 2016 

 ~For Sale~

Herd Name = ATBoettcher Farms

Formerly known as Hoppy Aden's

Tattoo = ATB

Established in 1998..

AGS-NDGA-NDGA Registered


We'd like to welcome you!
We hope you enjoy our animals, we sure do!!!

We have plenty of  "BLUE EYES"

*Tested negative % for CAE, CL & Johne's*

Updated April 22 2014

Non - Registered Kids 
Doe kids - $200.00ea
Buck kids - $150.00ea - unless otherwise priced
Two buck kids for $275.00*
Three buck kids for $375.00*
One buck kid & One doe kid = $400.00
Discounts on multiple purchases and returning customers.

Dis budding - $25.00
Must be requested before the kid is two weeks old

*All BLUE EYES - add $25.00
Some prices will be specially marked

Registered kids
$300.00 and up after quality is seen
We have beautiful registered breeding Stock from wonderful bloodlines
We only register those with breeding qualities
Will have registration Certificates and Transfers ready upon purchase

Your herd buck is very important to your breeding program - choose him carefully!


Our Policy

Before any animal is taken to its new home, we Vac, and Worm. We will supply you with a health history of each goat if available, that includes all medications  treatments etc... that the animal has received at your request.

We will have your kid disbudded upon request (request must be before the kids is 2 weeks old) and $25.00 will be added to the sale price.  We will need to know before the kid is two weeks old for safe and proper disbudding.  We will also wether a kid at your request for $25.00 with release of responsibility once the wether leaves the property.

The family buying a goat must know the type of care the Nigerian Dwarf Goat requires before taking them home.   They must have a place with adequate fencing and shelter, and plenty of fresh hay, water, and correct minerals available to them.  They must know or be willing to learn the health care their goat will require and have the medications needed to maintain a healthy goat.  We will not sell a single goat to a home where there would not be a companion goat.  Such as one doe to a home where there are two bucks.  Goats are herd animals and cannot strive well alone Nigerian Dwarf Goats are miniature dairy goats and are not sold as meat. 

We do not consider a goat sold unless we have received payment in full.  We will hold a kid or adult for a max of three weeks unless they are not weaned.  After the three weeks a $1.00 boarding fee per day will apply unless prior arrangements are agreed to.  Other exceptions such as injury or illness will result in a refund if a deposit was required.  

We do not ship our goats.

Forever home here at ATBoettcher Farms.  All goats sold have a permanent home with us.  If you decide the goat(s) are not for you, please contact us.  We will take a goat back at one half the sale price and must be delivered by the owner.  Health certificate from your Vet  is required for return for the protection of our herd. 

Contact us for more information:  tinaboettcher@ymail.com

We reserve the right to retain any kid from any breeding at any time. 

We may also decide not to make a sale if we feel a goat will not get the best of care or for any reason we feel uncomfortable completeing the sale.  In that case you would be refunded your deposit if you were required to post one..

We do our own fecal testing and healthcare.  I am a Emergency contact on goatworld and you may contact me day or night if you have an emergency.  I am not a Vet.  1-573-513-1614 

http://www.goatworld.com  - for all your goat emergency needs, the medics there save lives every day and I would never be without them.

Before you buy a goat, always check their inner eye lids to make sure they are deep pink, if they are white/gray then they have a wormload and anemia and you need to look elsewhere, pointing it out to the seller so that they can provide healthcare.  Bringing home a new goat that is sick can destroy a herd very fast so always ask questions before you buy.   Our goats are healthy and we are proud of  our Nigerian Dwarf Goat herd and our reputation here in Southeast Missouri.

Thank you,

Tina Boettcher 

ATBoettcher Farms

~Does For Sale~

Available in Late December

~Bucks for sale~

Available in Late December

~Doe Kids for sale~

Available in Late December

~Buckling's for sale~

Available in Late December

~Friends Goats for sale~

Will have photos available late December


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