~Fun Photos~

Calie getting a ride from Bunny



Danny - resting in the sun - we thought he was dead
Adam with Suzy Q -  Smile!

Heard loud crying, our three day old Miracle was stuck. 

Mama hen was just wandering how stupid was this?

We lost Hoppy to a Vet who disbudded wrong but she was a beautiful little doe.
Our NDGA Herd name is "Hoppy Adens" after her.

Hoppy says...
When mama isn't looking, I think I'll see how high I can jump

8 days old and I can jump on mama

Hoppy, we miss you and named our herd after you.



Sheeba & Browney in serious conversation!
Who says goats doe not talk...


Oh Yea.....I can do that too!

Some of our herd



Waterlily's first day here...everyone checking her out

She finally decided to join everyone and has been happy here since



Our babies are very loved and spoiled
- they all end up in the house at on time or another



~Boettcher Farm's Goats~

Formerly (Hoppy Aden Farms)

Our very 1st goats below - 2001 



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