~Some of our Past Does & Kids~

ADEN FARMS - "Cookie" and kids "Candy" and "Dasher" - 2007


SPICEBUSH - "Queen of Hearts" "Minxy" and "Suzy Q" - 2007


ADEN FARMS - "Flasher" and her kids "Thunder" and "Shammy" -  2007


ADEN FARMS - "Dee Dee" with kids "Cocoa" and "Ya Dee" - 2007

ADEN FARM'S - "Browny" and kids "Cinnamon" and "Spice"


ADEN FARM'S - "Nellie with kids "Danny Boy" and "Maggie"


ADEN FARM'S - "Queeny" and her kid "Prince"


ADEN FARM'S - Reba with her quads!


ADEN FARM'S - "Sheba" and her kid "Midnight"


ADEN FARM'S - "Skittles" and her kids "Lil Sprees" and "Tick Tak"



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