Febuary 2 2007

,She is 7 years old and WOW she is with with QUADS!!!

Reba still has her horns but she is gentle and she has been the best Doe ever!

Tina assisting

I am just about finished, I am fat and miserable and VERY Pregnant!

I just cannot get comfortable...but I know I better find a position soon!

Reba is doing a lot of stretching and yawning

Ligaments are "gone".
The doe's tail head is noticeably raised

Maybe this will work...Oh my, this does not look good

OK, Here it goes, I know these guys are almost ready

OK....OK, Here we go, this does not feel good at all!

Do not even think of leaving me now!

I need to see my new kid, but oh no! Here comes another...and another...

Here comes another.....

Time for some help guys!

I had just seconds to get the kids out of their bags, they were all piled up on top of each other, they all came out in the same two minutes or less. I had to get them out of their bags, cut their cords, and get them breathing. Two were not breathing. I had started to use a syringe, but soon realized that would never get the job done so I just sucked the mucus out by mouth and spit, breathed into their lungs (mouth to mouth) with little pushes to the chest very gently and finally they all were breathing on their own. We applied 7% iodine to their cords and hooves, and while Bruce dried them off I milked Reba and gave them all the colestrum they needed because there were too many for Reba to handle and she was very tired. We gave Reba warm water with molasses and Electrolytes Plus, that really helped her. After we knew they were safely breathing, warm and there were no problems, which took about two hours, we let Reba take over. All this in 6 degree weather outside. Here in Perryville Missouri. What a beautiful happy family!!

6:00am and 6 Degrees Outside
Here they are QUADS! All healthy and happy

Born Febuary 2 2007
Doe: Reba - Buck: Drake

Daisy - China blue eyes

Rosť - Dk brown eyes

Smokey - Dk brown eyes

Baby Jr - Dk brown eyes

They are all so beautiful and Reba is retiring. She has earned it.

Fias Co Farm - Birthing & post birth information
For information on Kidding and Post kidding - A great site with photos!!

I am a proud mom too......
See "Just Fun Photos" page below for more...

Daisy and me..she runs to me as soon as she hears me

Spending time with the babies is pure joy!!!


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