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~1st Goat Rescued Precious Miracle

~Nora's story~

This is Nora with Precious Miracle

We want to share a very special rescue story with you because

this was my inspiration to reach out to others to save lives like this one very special goat. 

Here is a goat without a name and Nora goes to a farm to buy a doe and her two kids.  She makes the purchase and looks over to the side where here is this Doe standing alone, Nora can see she is in bad shape and immediately decided to ask the owner if she were for sale.  The owner told her that she wouldn't want that doe because she is just going to die.  So Nora tells her that she will take her home with her.  Nora leaves with the 4 girls and when she gets home she already knows she has a bunch of rescue goats on her hands and that it was going to take a lot of work to save them.  They were starving to death and Precious who you see in these photos, was suffering with the Famous Deadly Barber Pole worm infestation, along with Starvation.  Nora posts to a list and after a while people started messaging me that there was a goat that "might" need my help.  I contacted Nora and we have been working together to save Precious Miracle.  Nora did it, she worked around the clock to save her.  Here are photos of Precious as she recovers.  She is an inspiration to me and my website is dedicated to her.

1ST Photo - Barely able to stand and Starvation and worm infestation

She was within the "Fatal Dose Range" - Chance of survival even with immediate

and very strong treatment is very slim at this point but possible as Nora proved to us.

At Three Weeks

Road to recovery!

At 4 weeks ( now)

Meet Nora's Precious Miracle!

Will post progress as Precious continues to recover...

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